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We would like to show you the new face of Iran especially Tehran. Tehran is really beyond the “hectic traffic” and “air pollution”. Our mission is to guarantee that everyone based on their budget can touch the history and story of underneath Tehran by local guides. Our trained guides or better to say our history story tellers are empowered by unique style of infotainment (converting boring history to the enthusiastic story of society with history facts).
By showing in our free tours, you pay as you wish based on your decision how much our given information are valued. So our guides do their best to make the most unique and unforgettable experience with each tour. Hence, it is win-win situation for both sides.

  • Ehsan Niroumand

    Co-founder and Tour guide

  • Mersa Saatchi

    Co-founder and Tour guide


Where does the tour start and end?

We offer different tours in Tehran. The meeting point and end point are specified within each tour description.
What languages are your tours in?
At the moment, we only offer tours in English.
Will you accept tips in currencies other than Rials?
We often get tipped in euros and dollars. All the guides are travelers and will find a way to use other currencies.
Do I need to follow any specific dress code?
We would like to ask women to wear knee-high outfit, as we explore in traditional old neighborhood, and please don't forget your comfortable shoes.
Is there any WC on the tours?
Sure, we will have one or two stops for small break including toilets but be prepare for squat toilets. If you are not familiar how to use it, find instruction here.
What if it rains or snow?
No matter what the weather is, our tours are performed in any weather condition except during air pollution days (normally taken place in December), which will be announced in website and will be replaced with indoor museum tours.
Can I come with a big group?
If you plan to join the tour with a group of more than 10 people, please, contact us to make a reservation.
Do I need to book a tour in advance?
Booking is optional. But it helps us a lot for better organization.
Can I book private tours?
Sure! Just e-mail us.
How do I find the guide?
Look for a friendly smiling person with Persian Walk sign.  


Participating in tours organized by Persian Walk is strictly on a voluntary basis. Neither Persian Walk Tour, nor the guides are responsible in any way for injuries incurred during the tours. The tour guide reserves the right to deny participation in any tour, to any person, for any reason. Thank you for your understanding.

City Guide

About Tehran

Tehran is the political and economic metropolitan modern city of Iran, which is considered as a city almost 400 years ago.
Honestly speaking, you cannot find any ''WOW'' turquoise mosque or marvelous ancient Persian garden in the hectic city enchanting you for half a day clicking the focus shutter button on it.
Nevertheless, you will be amazed when you see the trace of world leaders such as Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill in a sensitive meeting of Tehran Conference back to 1922. The story regarding the modernization of Tehran, the uprising of people fighting for constitutional revolution as well as the impact of Islam on every aspect of people's daily life are the tiny souvenirs that you can explore by walking in old neighborhoods of Tehran..
Moreover, the most valuable semi-precious stones in jewelry museum and other ancient articles placed in national museum are fascinating you with the 4000- year-rich ancient history for empire of Iran.


Airport transfer

Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKIA), located 55km southwest of the city center, is the international airport in Tehran. The domestic airport is called Mehrabad, located inside the city. If you need a connecting flight inside of Iran, you need to travel between the two airports which may take between 40 minutes to 2 hours depending on the traffic jam. You can reach city center by Metro, minivan, taxi and Snapp app (Uber of Iran).


Iranian Rial is the official currency, but people use Toman (10 Rials =1 Toman). Figuring out the currency system could be confusing for couple of days, but you will be adopted soon to the number of zeros on the bank notes and the difference between Rial and Toman. If you find problems with changing currency during your stay, you can contact us and we will be happy to assist you with.

Public Transportation

Metro, BRT (Bus Rapid Transportation) as well as shared-Taxi (in yellow and green color) are the main public transports. If you want to touch the life styles, metros are the best option to get rid of heavy traffic as well, and it goes directly to the main sight attractions. Women solo travelers may find surprises in '' only women'' wagons on the two end of each subway car.


Tehran is generally safe, though pickpockets tend to target visitors in touristy areas and crowded places like Metro and Bus. In addition, car drivers and Motor drivers can be counted as danger as well. You will experience the organized haphazard driving style while crossing the streets.


>Giving tip in Tehran is not obligatory but very much welcomed.

Police number


Social norms

Men should wear long pants. T-shirt and shirt is also accepted.
Women should wear knee-length outfit and scarf to cover their heads. You can find more information about dress code here.
Public display affection (PDA) is considered as a taboo.
Blowing nose and burping in public are not accepted.

Useful words

Hi - Salam or Dorood
How are you? - Khobi?
Please – Lotfan
Thank you – Sepas or Merci
Can you speak English? - Englisi baladi?
How much does it cost? – Gheymat chande?
Excuse me - Bebakhshid
Your welcome - Khahesh mikonam
Goodbye - khodahafez

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